Analyzing time based on your visitor's location

Google Analytics records time according to the timezone set in your Analytics account. This is fine if visits to your website largely come from a single timezone. But otherwise, can you make sense of how time of day might be affecting your conversions?

Himanshu Sharma at Optimize Smart has an excellent article on this subject:

One solution would be to use the Google Analytics API and send a query with ga:longitude, ga:latitude, ga:hour and ga:date and then use a secondary API to lookup the timezone according to geo-location and then finally calculate the visitor's real local time with a timezone conversion.

A lot of fuss right? So why bother when Needl has all this built-in!

Needl will extract your Google Analytics data and load it into a world class data-warehousing solution - Google's BigQuery - and enhance it along the way!

Here are some of time/timezone related dimensions we provide for analysis and optimization:

Dimension Description
time.utcDateTimeTimestamp - to the nearest minute
time.hourSame as Google Analytics - use this when optimizing for AdWords
time.userHourVisitor's local time version of above - use this to understand your visitor's hourly browsing habits
time.dayPartSplits the week up into weekday/weekend and morning/afternoon/evening/night buckets
time.userDayPartVisitor's local time version of above
time.daylightOne of night/dark/twilight depending on visitor's location

See it in action

Example dataset in BigQuery:

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