6 reasons why you will love Needl

Deep down in your Google Analytics reports, hide combinations of segments which perform better than all the rest. Here lies the most potential to make you more money. Now there’s a simple way to find them for yourself. All you need is a Google Analytics account with goal tracking or ecommerce. Try it out for free now.

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Your Own Virtual Analyst

Our virtual data analyst software looks at all your data in minutes, reviewing it against your business goals to find every segment (we call these needles) with the potential to improve your business.

Weekly To-Do-List

Think of Needl as giving you a prioritised ToDoList for your web business. So you know what you need to focus on to achieve the biggest change in your business.

Quick Setup

It only takes a minute to setup Needl. One click to start a complete analysis of all your Google Analytics data and less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee for Needl to deliver a no-nonsense ranked list of results that can increase your ROI.

Business Growth Forecast

The great thing about Needl, is that it doesn't just tell you what interesting data segments you should improve, it actually forecasts by how much your actions could improve your business. Setting you useful targets to aim for.

Track Your Actions

Once you find a needle you want to action, Needl allows you to track each day how successful your strategy is. Which means you get to know pretty quick if what you or your agency are doing has worked or not. Saving you time and money.

Simple and Straight Forward

We keep it simple and straightforward because we know you don't have the time to learn complicated dashboards or scan through hundreds of reports in Google Analytics. Needl does all the work for you. Delivering all your top segments in a clear and actionable interface.

What Some of our Customer Say: