Fast automated analytics delivering actionable insights

1 minute simple set-up.

Signing on to Needl could not be easier. As long as you have a Google Analytics account it’s one click to authorize Needl and your ready to go.

Create your own analysis by date and goal

Needl lets you build unlimited, what we call ‘datastacks’, every month.

Just select your goal and set a period and Needl will have your results in minutes. Your datastacks are stored on Needl for as long as you need them.

Prioritised actionable conclusions

Needl analyses stacks of data and identifies the best opportunities (segments) to improve your business and ranks them in importance. We call these segments needls because they are hidden within your ‘Datastack’. Each needl will contain a combination of facts (Google Analytic Dimensions) which together produce an actionable conclusion about your business.

Smart filters

Using our Smart Filters, you can easily view your needls by major category filters to allow you to spotlight the parts of your business you are most interested in.

Forecast impact on your business

Every needl will display a forecast potential based on Goal Completions, so you can see how big an improvement it could make to your business and decide if you want to do something about it. Your needls are ranked using this forecast potential, allowing you to use Needl as a simple ToDoList, starting with the biggest and working your way down.

Unique tracking feature

We automatically track the performance every day of your top needls so you quickly see how they are performing. When you are ready to take action to address an individual needl, our unique tracking feature allows you to set benchmarks so that you can gauge the exact performance of that needl from the date your action took place. You can then view each day, the success or failure of your action.

Forward a Needl

We understand that you may not be the person to take the action or you may simply want a second opinion or to share the data. So Needl allows you to keep your colleagues in the loop. Our Forward feature enables you to send a needl with your comments to whoever you want.