Find your most valuable insights in  minutes

Seconds to get started. A simple authorisation to your Google Analytics data, select the report you want and Needl does it all. 

The Data

  • Forecast

    Your insights are ranked by our forecast of the potential impact on your business, so you can see how big an improvement it could make to your bottom line.

  • Insights

    Needl’s algorithms find the data that most affects your results, the needls in the haystack. 

    Each insight, is potentially an actionable conclusion about your business. Helping you make the right decisions by being data driven.

  • In a Nutshell

    No heavy lifting required. All the information you need on every insight, is summarised in a nutshell. You get all the facts quickly and easily.

  • Dig Deeper

    We’ve gathered all the related data to each insight in one drop down view. Allowing you a fast way to view a detailed report.

  • Invite the Team

    All your team mates can share your data on Needl. Invite who you want to work with and they will have full access to that account inside Needl.

  • Track Your Data

    Want to select an insight for your workflow? Or just keep an eye on it to spot any changes. Every insight has a ‘Track’ button, transferring it to your ‘Tracked’ file to be monitored daily.

PRO Features

  • Custom Segments

    Construct your own custom segments and build an even more detailed datastack. Need to look at traffic from one geographical location? or just mobile? Custom segments allow you to select or remove any segments you want.

  • Dimension Selector

    Total flexibility to build your own dimension set for very focused datastacks. Save as a template to use whenever you next build a datastack. Or use your own Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics.

  • Data View Playground

    This advanced feature will give you all the options you could ever want to help you filter your view of the data within Needl. Select the dimensions you want to see and those you do not and this feature will instantly present your new list of needls.