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Needl automates your data analysis, finding data segments that will improve your targeting, saving you time and money.

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Benefits of using Needl to analyse your data

Deep down in your Google Analytics reports, hide combinations of segments which perform better than all the rest. Using automated analytics, Needl will find this data, prioritise it and predict its potential impact on your business.

Unhypothesised Analysis

Comprehensive automated analysis in one click of all your Google Analytics data. Producing the equivalent of hundreds of man hours of manual reports in minutes, surfacing hidden insights.

Improved Targeting

Find the best and worst performing segments in all your data. Then drill down to see a complete breakdown of where these sessions came from and who they are. Allowing you to optimise your Ad campaigns to your best segments.

Free Data Warehousing

Needl stores your data in Google BigQuery giving you a host of benefits. Data backup, faster analysis, external data integration, custom data, Machine Learning, sampling reduction.

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Bucketed Data

Needl groups sessions together to improve your targeting. Such as: daypart analysis; session frequency; time since last session; and a unique combination of Device type/Operating System/Browser.

Excel Reports

You can export your data straight to Excel or let Needl create reports for you whenever you need them, using our automated report feature.

Goals & Ecommerce Reporting

Insights only make sense reported against your business goal or ecommerce goal. Needl ONLY analyses your data against the goals you have set-up in Google Analytics so you see relevant insights.

No Set-Up Required

All you need is a Google Analytics account with goals or ecommerce tracking, for instant reports. Needl is simple to use and displays your insights in a clear and actionable interface.

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