Benefits of using Needl to analyse your data

Deep down in your Google Analytics reports, hide combinations of segments which perform better than all the rest. Using automated analytics, Needl will find this data, prioritise it and predict its potential impact on your business. All you need is a Google Analytics account with goals or ecommerce tracking. 

Your Own Virtual Analyst

Comprehensive automated analysis. You pick your goal/ecommerce tracking and your traffic source and we do the heavy lifting to find your best insights

Prioritised Insights

Needl ranks your data insights, giving you a prioritised To-Do-List to work from. So you know what you need to focus on to achieve the biggest change in your business.

Superfast Reports

One click starts a complete analysis of all your Google Analytics data. Producing the equivalent of hundreds of man hours of manual reports in minutes.

Potential Forecast

Needl doesn't just find valuable data segments, it forecasts by how much they could improve your business. Setting you useful targets to aim for.

Track Your Data

Work flow your data in Needl. Select an insight, then track it each day and when your ready Action it. We will monitor your actions success or failure. 

Keep it Simple

Because you don't have the time for complicated dashboards or hundreds of reports. Needl does all the work for you. All your insights in a clear and actionable interface.

What Some of our Customer Say: