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Needl finds valuable audience segments hidden in your Google Analytics data

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Automated insights. No sampling. Free data warehousing.

Needl is a web analytics application that finds important insights into your customers that improve your targeting. Our algorithm driven analytics engine extracts and enhances Google Analytics data into Google BigQuery, before comprehensively analysing the improved data to find your most valuable segments based upon visitor attributes.

Google Ads/Facebook Audience Builder

Our 7 stage Segment Builder, allows you to create your most efficient pay-per-click target audiences within minutes that will give you highly targeted audiences saving you time and money.


Automated Insights

Unique analysis identifies the best and worst performing segments in all your data, then lets you drill down to see a complete breakdown of where these sessions came from and who they are. Allowing you to optimise your Ad campaigns to your best segments.


Conversion Tracker

Sometimes you just want to see the profile of those visitors who convert to a purchase or goal. Getting this granular in Google Analytics is not possible. But with Needl Conversion Tracker, we show you each individual session conversions attributes as it updates. So you can keep a track on exactly who your conversions are.


Session-Level Data

Our extraction process breaks Google Analytics aggregated data in to individual session-level data stored in Google BigQuery. This means we can work with your data at the individual session-level, giving you much deeper insights in to each segment we find.


Unsampled Google Analytics data

Needl avoids sampling in Google Analytics by pulling your data each day and stitching it together, so you can have full confidence in your data conclusions.


No Set-Up Required

All you need is a Google Analytics account with goals or ecommerce tracking, for instant reports. Needl is simple to use and displays your insights in a clear and actionable interface.

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